It's HERE!!!

After the disappointment of the call not coming yesterday, we were all afraid it was lost in "mail-land" somewhere. But don't fear because Aaron's call came today! He hasn't opened it yet. If you want to get in on the action, come to our parent's house tonight at 8PM! There will be good food, great company, and certainly lots of suspense! Where in the world...


Where in the world....

We think/hope that Aaron's call will come on Wednesday! In the meantime, mom has put together this lovely map and folks are guessing where in the world Aaron will spend two years. The rules are if you want to guess -- you donate a dollar to the jar. The person who guesses correctly gets the money. If no one guesses correctly, then Aaron gets the money to spend on mission goodies. Some of the guesses thus far are:

Aaron: Brazil
Tammy: Japan
Kathleen: Prague
Anya: Australia
Jack: Canada
Laina: Thailand
Susan C: Spain
Gpa Merrill: Argentina
Oliver: France
Kellee: Italy
{Just to name a few}

We can't wait to see where you are going Aaron!!!


Mission Papers

Welcome to Aaron's mission blog! I'm Anya, Aaron's sister... and our mom and I are going to keep this blog while Aaron is gone in attempts to keep record and to keep all of our family and friends in the loop! Our goal is to update this blog weekly while Aaron is gone with excerpts from his letters as well as pictures! Check back often for his mission call, preparations, farewell, M.T.C. (Missionary Training Center) and then.... the mission experience!

Aaron's papers are in and he could receive his call as early as next week! Join us as we start this adventure with Aaron... 

Picture used for mission paperwork
Aaron being Aaron... enough said.