June 28, 2011

Our most recent baptism.
Elder Carrillo and I at one of our many dinner appointments!

Oh man, what a week! It has been the week for Elder Carrillo and will be until he heads home in a few days! I will miss him a lot. We have gotten pretty close and we have fun together. It is bad because everyone wants to feed us before he goes. We have had lunch and dinner appointments for the last week and until he goes. I really don't like being fat! Speaking of which...we went to Chelsea and Lynn (Elder Carrillo's old areas). It was really fun because we got to see lots of the people I was working with. All the people that saw me asked me why I gotten soo fat! Yes! Hispanic people are so honest! It needs to come off soon. I am getting annoyed! It seems like something always gets in the way of my diet!

We had two baptisms on Saturday and confirmations on Sunday! Finally, we are getting something going in Worcester! It was good because it helped us focus on what our purpose is. Baptism is the only way I can help someone have salvation. That is the ONLY way to do it! This baptism was a little different. It is hard to describe. I will just continue doing my job and help them be immersed in the gospel and help them come to Christ.

The ward continues to help us by taking us to our appointments and washing our clothes and inviting us to parties. Elder Carrillo is packing and trying to visit people he has met on his mission. It is hard to stay focused and keep the rules all the time with a companion that is going home and wants to say goodbye to everyone. I am doing my best, as always.

It is transfers this week, but I am staying in Worcester for at least six more weeks, then hopefully I will go. It is time for a change.

I love you with all my heart. Peace and Blessings.
Elder Phillips


June 21, 2011

Our most recent baptism
Helping with the baby shower

Well, I had a very enjoyable and busy week. We are doing lots of things to get Elder Carrillo ready for his departure. It makes everything busy but we are still having fun and enjoying our time together. We still talk lots and ride our bikes all over the city.

We got to go to the temple on Thursday. We got a ride to the temple from a former missionary in the Boston area. He was with his wife, which was weird because we know him as an elder. After our session in the temple, we did some service for this amazing man who works in the temple. He took us home after. It was super fun. It helps relieve stress to do some good hard physical labor.

The next few days were hectic. We got to help prepare for the baptism and a baby shower that was immediately after. We had to set up tables, blow up balloons, set up the decorations. It was fun. We had so much to do that the other elders in Worcester came to help us. The baptism was just fantastic. She was a little shaky going into it but we said a prayer with her over the phone to help calm her down. It was great and she looked so happy and peaceful before the baptism. She asked me to do the ordinance and I happily accepted. She also asked me to confirm her. Even though this doesn't usually happen, this is what she wanted. She leaves for Brazil this week, which is why she was so stressed out. After she was baptized and confirmed she was all smiles. We had to do the baptism twice and she said she felt so clean after the second time...so cool! I didn't screw up on the confirmation this time...so that was good!

So this is why it was one of the best weeks on my mission! This week we have two more baptisms scheduled for Sunday! They are a really great family. I love them lots. I know the restored gospel helps everyone no matter where we are in this life. It is great to see miracles! Now we need to find more people to teach. Don't worry about Elder Carrillo...just keep praying for him.

I love you all very much!

Elder Phillips


June 14, 2011

Fixing our Bikes!
Fenway Park

Okay, bad news first. Something happened to one of my best friends in the whole world, my companion Elder Carrillo. He is fine but something happened that he didn't expect. It is not my story to tell but anyone who reads this please pray for him and what I can do to help.

The week was good except that it has been slow. Not slow with the work, just slow because we have to walk everywhere and it takes so long to get places. We did have a miracle! People stopped us on the road last week and wanted to hear about the church. They are getting baptized in 2 weeks! I feel like I am in South America baptizing!! I am very grateful! We have been very blessed and to be with my best friend too! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for that!

The good news is that we have a baptism this weekend. It has been great! The work is still going great and with the help of fantastic members we get to church and get rides to appointments that are far away. It is just fantastic how great the ward is here. They are taking care of us so nicely. I am so glad that I served soooo much when I was first sent to Worcester because they all want to help us now! I love it so much how the church works. You serve till you need help then others serve you!

Another member helped us fix up our bikes! That is awesome! I am just very happy we are so well taken care of and they love us because we are getting a ton of success!

Yesterday, on P-day we went on a tour of Fenway Park. It was fun to hear about all the history of the park! I am so excited to come back after my mission and go to a game! I am a bigger fan than I was before! Yeah Sox! They are in first place and the Bruins too! We know how to win here! I like that ! Ha Ha!

Don't have much time today! I love you a lot! Peace and Blessings!

Elder Phillips

P.S. Wish us luck with our baptism!


June 7, 2011


Oh man, what a week!

I have a couple of stories this week. I am sure that you have heard about the tornado that happened here in Worcester. Yes, there was a funnel cloud that touched down nearby. When the storm started we were on our bikes. It has been so nice here. We had no idea that there was a storm in the forecast, so we thought it would be a good day for bikes. We start going to our appointments and about 4:00 pm it gets cloudy. We have about 2 more miles to go to teach and as soon as we get there it starts to rain, just a drizzle. After our appointment, we decided to go get the car. By the time we got to our car we were soaked. We got our bikes hooked up and it starts to pour, I mean pour! When we got there, funnel clouds were touching down in the town over! We got a text from the mission office telling us to stay inside. Pretty crazy!

The next story, I will just say that I bet I am the only missionary in history to crash a car and a bike in 2 days. First, we are on our way home from a meeting and I get cut off and couldn't stop fast enough. Yes, we crashed....so great! Then I found out that I wasn't supposed to be driving; I was never approved. So, Elder Carrillo and I got a good talking to by the vehicle coordinator. So now we are on our bikes because the car is in the shop. Second, we are going down a hill on our way to an important meeting, and my tire pops! I think, no big deal, I am a triathlete, I can handle this! Well yeah, I went over the handle bars and got messed up! Well, now we are walking missionaries!

I am still happy with Elder Carrillo. One of my best buddies ever. I love him. We have 3 baptisms that will be coming up this month, how awesome is that? We are getting blessed. It is awesome doing the work. We are really excited and have had great lessons. I love the members, they are really taking care of us.

Peace and Blessings. I love it!

Elder Phillips