This is us being not focused on Saturday. We struggle on Saturdays because it's hard. I am trying to work on it. Our short ties look funny.
I thought the lighting was way cool last p-day.
The one time I almost ran away from the MTC! Ha ha... Just kidding I love it! Thought this picture would be funny!


I know know why missionaries get fat in the MTC! It's not the MTC food after all! It is because everyone's family and friends send so many goodies! Thanks it's great!

A funny story: Okay, so again we lost focus on Saturday, so we decided to do service to still be productive and still have fun, but before we did we tied our ties way short, with huge knots (picture included). We thought it was so so funny! Then we went and emptied the trash in our building in like the top 2 floors! So fun and productive but the best part is that I forgot my tie was short and people would stare at me. I was so confused till I figured out that I was just being a goof! haha! I love these guys they are great fun! I could not imagine the MTC without them!

I read my dad's conversion story this week. I think my dad's handwriting is in Hungarian, it is terrible! I needed the urim and thumin to decipher it! haha Mom's story was written like a book, for real! But that was really special, I waited all week to read those on Sunday! It was like my reward for a good weeks work. I also had to wait for a good time to be alone and read it, so I waited. I was so so touched by both stories. I began to cry!

Holy cow! I got so much mail this week! I love it! Thanks! I also got the mail from Aunt Kath. That was such a touching story about my Mom and Dad. I plan on sharing that with my Mom and Dad's conversion story when I am teaching the people in California. It was so great! I love her to death!

You know how I call people at the referral center? So cool, I talked to someone in Spanish! Like way hard, but I did it. I still have a long way to go but I talked to them!

I am excited to get letters and stuff this week. I love you guys so much!

Love, Elder Phillips



Wow. Gorgeous. This is just during personal study. I had to have someone take a pic. I love it. This is just right out side the MTC doors. It was a great day. Personal study is my favorite time.
My first haircut at the MTC. How do I look?
Aaron being silly with the other missionaries, trying to run up the walls.

I can't believe I'm 1/2 way done with the MTC, it has been so fun!

Ok, on the spiritual side, I was really wondering a lot and thinking about who to fast for on Fast Sunday. I asked so many people, still didn't know so I pulled a James 1:5--["If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."] and I prayed about it. I asked God if I should fast for my mom and dad not to have too hard of a time, or if I should pray for the people in Anaheim cause I really do think about them often. Guess who I felt I should pray for? Not my friends, not my family, not the people of California. ANYA, I know the person we look up to. I would have second thoughts myself, but I had such an overwhelming feeling to fast for her. I don't know why, but the Lord told me, so I did. Let me tell you, it was the easiest fast ever and the longest. Because I knew what I was fasting for and I thought about her whenever I got hungry or thirsty! It was a great experience. I hope she felt it!

A funny story....we joke around with the nueros (new guys) if they have their missionary goggles on. I will explain, when you have been here a while you start to think the sister missionaries are cute, we call that missionary goggles cause they are not. Granted they do have very sweet spirits. But, lets just say my comp has his on. And with a couple of guys and tells them all this stuff and always has to look for them and talk to them. So we tease him and talk to him in spanish and tell him his missionary goggles are too tight, HaHa!

Another funny story, I was playing volley ball this week and it got intense! We are getting good so it was getting really intense and physical. Then, oh my gosh, two kids charged the net and since one was Elder Lew, and he is only like 5'4" when they jumped one of their knees went right into his XXXXX! He moaned for so long and like if you can imagine an Asian person moan in pain, that was what it was. So funny, WOW!

I love you so much, thanks!

Elder Phillips



Hi to all!

We had an awesome speaker last night. A man and his wife came and spoke to us about their conversion story and it really made me think of my parents a lot. I want to know both of your story better. Give me tons of details. Anyways, she spoke on passing along the gospel and that is really why I came on my mission cause I wanted to pay the church back for making me and my family so happy! I love you guys so much, it made me realize that more than ever.

My advice for this week is to write in a journal and to study it cause you get so much more revelation. I think it is cause when we write it is saying thanks for giving me this revelation, then he gives you more and more. Also, when you write in one at night it is like therapeutic! It makes the days go faster.

I do love it here, but I can’t wait to get to Cali. One reason is for the weather another cause I know the people need me. I want to get out there fast!

I have a story for you guys! We get over-worked sometimes so we loose it….we think weird stuff is funny cause all we know is church stuff now! We were talking about how the word of wisdom was revealed in 1833 and how they were probably really worried about drunk drivers with their horses and buggies. Then we thought about that image. It is funny to think about…at least here. I laughed for a good 20 minutes!

Love you guys so much, thanks for everything. Keep writing lots!


Elder Phillips


Half Way!

Elder Phillips is half way through his MTC experience! He is loving the MTC, but is anxious to get to California where "the people need him!" We love you Aaron...
good luck in your second half!