Update on Aaron's Contact Info

Hi There... Aaron was able to email today. I guess that means his Preparation Day (P-Day) is Monday. For those of you that don't know what P-Day is... that is the day he gets to do laundry, write home, check email, go grocery shopping, and perhaps see a little of California. For now, the best way to reach him is email. We'll update the blog when we get an address for him. He is able to receive pictures via email now if you'd like to send some his way. He sounds great!


October 11, 2009

I have been getting ready today for leaving the MTC. I am so excited. I have worked hard and feel the Lord is pleased with my mission so far! I have learned so much here: doctrine, language, and I think most of all about myself. It is crazy, I didn't know this much change could happen to a person.

By the time you get this letter, I will be in Anaheim, have a comp and have been tracting probably. I am excited to leave the MTC. It was hard at times to know you were so close. Going to Cali will change that. I love you guys so much, the world cannot describe.

Love, Elder Phillips



Just went to the temple for the last time at the MTC, crazy how fast my time has gone here. I am so excited to go to Anaheim. It is coming in less than a week. So excited for General Conference this weekend.

Grandma made me my favorite cookies, those dark ones! Gosh they were great! Everyone loved me cause I gave them to them. I was very popular! HaHa.

I feel more comfortable talking in Spanish to native speakers, but I still have a long way to go, but if the spirit is with me, I know I can do it. The spirit continues to be strong for me, I love it. I learn so much daily in the scriptures, it's like I have never read them before, HaHa! Just crazy different than before in so many ways! I am older, wiser, and a missionary. Just so much cooler in how I understand everything so much better.

Well, I love you guys! It is gonna be good to get out there. No worries about me here. Keeping busy! Love you and thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Phillips


Wow! Everything is going great! I am having so much fun!

Ok, so I have a great funny, funny story about my buddy Zobrist! Ok, so he never could roll his r's... ever, in like 3 years of Spanish and here. He always tried to roll his r's and this awful sound came out that sounded like chewbaka. I always made fun of him and asked if he was calling his mate! haha, but this past week he finally did it and it was amazing. He was so so happy. This was great for him cause he has been having kinda a hard time and we all cheered so so loud he had like a chariot of fire moment, haha! He ran in slow mo with that song playing da na na na na na na...then he ran around the room and gave everyone a high five. Wow so so great! I guess the spirit helps with everything! Do your best and God will do the rest!

Wow! I am just so happy today, I can't tell you. I got another answer to my prayers! Gosh, God just seems to be looking out for me! It is great, I am not sure if it is just because I am a missionary, but I know it is cause my increased faith of Jesus Christ and his atonement and how he can help us do all things if it is his will. It is the coolest thing. My life has been changed so much for the better all ready! I have no clue what 2 years is going to do for me, but it is exciting. I am so so glad to have this opportunity.

Well good luck with everting. I can feel your prayers. I love you very much! I pray for you as well. Love, Elder Aaron James Phillips


Flying on a Jet Plane...

Elder Phillips is flying to Cali early Tuesday morning! He gets to call home to talk with my parents... and boy are they excited! This is a post to simply remind all of you that you'll have to start emailing Elder Phillips at ajpsports@myldsmail.net until we get an address for him in California. The LAST day to use DearElder.com will be Monday morning {BEFORE NOON} or else he will NOT get your letter!

Thanks for your support of my little bro thus far... he loves it... appreciates it... and is doing fabulous!