Just went to the temple for the last time at the MTC, crazy how fast my time has gone here. I am so excited to go to Anaheim. It is coming in less than a week. So excited for General Conference this weekend.

Grandma made me my favorite cookies, those dark ones! Gosh they were great! Everyone loved me cause I gave them to them. I was very popular! HaHa.

I feel more comfortable talking in Spanish to native speakers, but I still have a long way to go, but if the spirit is with me, I know I can do it. The spirit continues to be strong for me, I love it. I learn so much daily in the scriptures, it's like I have never read them before, HaHa! Just crazy different than before in so many ways! I am older, wiser, and a missionary. Just so much cooler in how I understand everything so much better.

Well, I love you guys! It is gonna be good to get out there. No worries about me here. Keeping busy! Love you and thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Phillips

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