This week we worked hard and played hard and ate a lot!

Monday we went into Boston. The city is just amazing and so clean for a big city. I am just in love with Boston. I am obsessed with it. The city is so great!

Tuesday, we went on tours and I served with Elder Carillo. Wow! I love him. He is a great missionary and I am sad I don't live with him anymore. He is amazing.

We went to a Quinciera. Holy Cow was it a big deal! It is like the biggest deal in the world to them. The food was amazing. They do a dance. It was just awesome. I loved it. We were lucky to get the opportunity to go. The Parras family invited us.

Okay, so everyone will be jealous...Thursday, I went to a Jon Schmidt concert! and it only cost me a bust fair! Best thing ever basically, I just felt the spirit so strong and don't worry we took David our crazy investigator and he danced, what the??? He is weird. Everyone should check out my new favorite song...it is Jon Schmidt's Love Story and Viva La Vida! Amazing! I got his autograph and shook his hand and took a pic. Amazing!

Sunday was great! We went to a dedication of the new church building in Cambridge. It is the reason Jon Schmidt performed for free. The Cambridge chapel is super, super, super nice! This building is the most expensive church building besides temples in the world. It has underground parking, two floors, two chapels! It was awesome! Mitt Romney said the opening prayer! We listened to the translated (Spanish) version of the dedication. It was pretty dang cool to hear it cause I can understand it. Pretty awesome. Then after, I pulled a Jim Phillips and went right up to Mitt Romney and said "What's up Mitt? How you doin?" and shook his hand! HaHa, I am the son of my father don't worry!

Spiritual thought is in Alma 32 is the doctrine on faith. They said "faith is like a little seed" just like the Primary song! It is the best doctrine on faith that I have ever read.

Keep it real. Follow the spirit and you can't go wrong!

Elder Phillips


June 21, 2010

So last Wednesday was so fun! We slept over at the zone leaders house for a zone activity. It was so so fun! We had a big wrestle (play wrestle) and stuff. It was fun. I loved it. Then we woke up really, really, really early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. Let's just say amazing! The pics don't do it justice.

Later that day, I had the most sacred experience on my mission. I can't say much about it, but one small part is that I gave a blessing and lets just say the gift of tongues is real....and it was that day that my Spanish was terrible. I kept messing up a ton all day! God wanted me to feel low before I felt that great high that night. It was amazing. We can't know sweet if we don't know bitter. It is the purpose of life and this world.

Yeah and anyone who said I was not going to a foreign mission is lame. Listen to this...I ate a chicken foot. What the yeah! That is right a chicken foot! Haha so great!

My anxiety is so good. I have total control. Jesus is carrying it for me. I gave it to him finally. I should have done it along time ago but better late than never! I love this work and I have a testimony!

Peace out!


June 16, 2010

Saturday was like a service day all day. I was beat! We went and helped an inactive member move like 100 cinder blocks. My arms still hurt! Then we went to a ward party and let me tell you they know how to cook here! Ahahah! So much food always! They think we are going hungry or something and they make us eat! If you have the missionaries over, don't make them eat, they are fine!

I had a good thing happen. We have had a feeling to go to this house over and over many times and they are always locked. We visited many times. Today we finally got in and they are a new investigator. Yeah! I love these stories when you follow the spirit with diligence, he will reward that is for sure. I know that I am being a tool for the Lord and I love it. I pray I can be a better tool every day and work for that.

I found out why everyone loves Boston...they have the best fans in the World. In the Eastern Conference finals years ago, the fans knew they were gonna loose so they cheered and chanted "Beat the Lakers" to the other team WOW! gives me chills! That is why I am now a Boston fan...I have made the switch. The fans are knowledgeable and just good fans!

I also found out they founded baked beans in Boston...that is why they call it "Bean Town."

I love you guys! Thanks for the support! I know my Savior lives and he will help us through anything not just sins...we just have to let him take our burdens. That is why I am here...to show people what He can do for them. He changed my dad's and my life! He lives! He lives!


Week 4: Chelsea, MA

Yo hey, it is Elder Phillips here reporting on an awesome week. We taught 28 lessons and have 6 baptismal dates. We were really excited cause we have one investigator that is progressing so fast. He fasted with us (for my anxiety problem actually). He is cool and has a really cute family.

Tuesday it rained so so so hard, like it was nuts. The streets were waterfalls and we were out in it!

So people don't like us sometimes and they like to yell at us when we go door-to-door but only until we explain that we are missionaries. Everyone thinks we are cops or even better census people. Gosh...it is so funny.

Sunday I thought I might be getting fluent with my Spanish cause I can understand and speak a ton now. But, then we went to a party after church for dinner and like they were talking and I couldn't understand anything. The Lord helps us with our humility sometimes.

I am just happy that I came out and got this great opportunity under these circumstances.

Love you guys!


Week 3: Chelsea, MA

I am doing so sosososososo good! Like, I know with all my heart my Savior lives and he is helping me with my anxiety burden. I have control over it. I am so so so happy. I have not been this happy in so so so long. I am kinda on a spiritual high because we got to go to the temple this week. I am doing it! I am like a normal missionary! It is so great!

Yesterday, we went to a barbecue and let me tell you Americans don't know how to barbecue...Spanish people do! So good...Carne Asade and stuff. Then we had a dinner appointment the same day. That is stupid. I feel like I need to fast for a week!

Funny story: I keep asking people what their "squirrel" is instead of last name. I get them mixed up. So, I got some pretty funny looks and stuff this week.

The feel the spirit so strong. I was guided to two doors this week. The spirit said like "Stop Here." One has a baptism date and the other has talked with missionaries before. These spiritual experiences are assuring me that I am doing the right thing by moving forward.

I am so happy!