June 21, 2010

So last Wednesday was so fun! We slept over at the zone leaders house for a zone activity. It was so so fun! We had a big wrestle (play wrestle) and stuff. It was fun. I loved it. Then we woke up really, really, really early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. Let's just say amazing! The pics don't do it justice.

Later that day, I had the most sacred experience on my mission. I can't say much about it, but one small part is that I gave a blessing and lets just say the gift of tongues is real....and it was that day that my Spanish was terrible. I kept messing up a ton all day! God wanted me to feel low before I felt that great high that night. It was amazing. We can't know sweet if we don't know bitter. It is the purpose of life and this world.

Yeah and anyone who said I was not going to a foreign mission is lame. Listen to this...I ate a chicken foot. What the yeah! That is right a chicken foot! Haha so great!

My anxiety is so good. I have total control. Jesus is carrying it for me. I gave it to him finally. I should have done it along time ago but better late than never! I love this work and I have a testimony!

Peace out!

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