June 16, 2010

Saturday was like a service day all day. I was beat! We went and helped an inactive member move like 100 cinder blocks. My arms still hurt! Then we went to a ward party and let me tell you they know how to cook here! Ahahah! So much food always! They think we are going hungry or something and they make us eat! If you have the missionaries over, don't make them eat, they are fine!

I had a good thing happen. We have had a feeling to go to this house over and over many times and they are always locked. We visited many times. Today we finally got in and they are a new investigator. Yeah! I love these stories when you follow the spirit with diligence, he will reward that is for sure. I know that I am being a tool for the Lord and I love it. I pray I can be a better tool every day and work for that.

I found out why everyone loves Boston...they have the best fans in the World. In the Eastern Conference finals years ago, the fans knew they were gonna loose so they cheered and chanted "Beat the Lakers" to the other team WOW! gives me chills! That is why I am now a Boston fan...I have made the switch. The fans are knowledgeable and just good fans!

I also found out they founded baked beans in Boston...that is why they call it "Bean Town."

I love you guys! Thanks for the support! I know my Savior lives and he will help us through anything not just sins...we just have to let him take our burdens. That is why I am here...to show people what He can do for them. He changed my dad's and my life! He lives! He lives!

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