Mission Bucket List {Triathlon}

The first weekend of May Aaron and our parents went to St. George so Aaron could complete his first Triathlon. Aaron hadn't really "trained" officially for this event, but no one was really worried about him. He did really well, and even surprised himself by how fast he ran! {Why didn't I get the running gene's?} The only bad part about the day was that the swim event was cancelled due to white caps on the lake! Dang, Aaron's best event. But, don't worry he did it off the clock at the end of the Triathlon. Everyone had a great time!


The Call...

After much anticipation... the call came and was opened in front of a large crowd of friends and family! Elder Aaron James Phillips will serve in the...

{Spanish speaking}
Reporting to the MTC on 
AUGUST 5th, 2009

Aaron seemed really excited about his call! Especially about learning Spanish! Hola, Como Esta?!! He has always LOVED California. He has joked with my mom before that he was born in the wrong state because he loved California so much! Congratulations Aaron! We are so excited for you!