Week 3: Chelsea, MA

I am doing so sosososososo good! Like, I know with all my heart my Savior lives and he is helping me with my anxiety burden. I have control over it. I am so so so happy. I have not been this happy in so so so long. I am kinda on a spiritual high because we got to go to the temple this week. I am doing it! I am like a normal missionary! It is so great!

Yesterday, we went to a barbecue and let me tell you Americans don't know how to barbecue...Spanish people do! So good...Carne Asade and stuff. Then we had a dinner appointment the same day. That is stupid. I feel like I need to fast for a week!

Funny story: I keep asking people what their "squirrel" is instead of last name. I get them mixed up. So, I got some pretty funny looks and stuff this week.

The feel the spirit so strong. I was guided to two doors this week. The spirit said like "Stop Here." One has a baptism date and the other has talked with missionaries before. These spiritual experiences are assuring me that I am doing the right thing by moving forward.

I am so happy!

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  1. Makes me so happy to hear that he is doing so great, loving the mission, and is so happy! Loved the update!!