Week 4: Chelsea, MA

Yo hey, it is Elder Phillips here reporting on an awesome week. We taught 28 lessons and have 6 baptismal dates. We were really excited cause we have one investigator that is progressing so fast. He fasted with us (for my anxiety problem actually). He is cool and has a really cute family.

Tuesday it rained so so so hard, like it was nuts. The streets were waterfalls and we were out in it!

So people don't like us sometimes and they like to yell at us when we go door-to-door but only until we explain that we are missionaries. Everyone thinks we are cops or even better census people. Gosh...it is so funny.

Sunday I thought I might be getting fluent with my Spanish cause I can understand and speak a ton now. But, then we went to a party after church for dinner and like they were talking and I couldn't understand anything. The Lord helps us with our humility sometimes.

I am just happy that I came out and got this great opportunity under these circumstances.

Love you guys!

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