This week we worked hard and played hard and ate a lot!

Monday we went into Boston. The city is just amazing and so clean for a big city. I am just in love with Boston. I am obsessed with it. The city is so great!

Tuesday, we went on tours and I served with Elder Carillo. Wow! I love him. He is a great missionary and I am sad I don't live with him anymore. He is amazing.

We went to a Quinciera. Holy Cow was it a big deal! It is like the biggest deal in the world to them. The food was amazing. They do a dance. It was just awesome. I loved it. We were lucky to get the opportunity to go. The Parras family invited us.

Okay, so everyone will be jealous...Thursday, I went to a Jon Schmidt concert! and it only cost me a bust fair! Best thing ever basically, I just felt the spirit so strong and don't worry we took David our crazy investigator and he danced, what the??? He is weird. Everyone should check out my new favorite song...it is Jon Schmidt's Love Story and Viva La Vida! Amazing! I got his autograph and shook his hand and took a pic. Amazing!

Sunday was great! We went to a dedication of the new church building in Cambridge. It is the reason Jon Schmidt performed for free. The Cambridge chapel is super, super, super nice! This building is the most expensive church building besides temples in the world. It has underground parking, two floors, two chapels! It was awesome! Mitt Romney said the opening prayer! We listened to the translated (Spanish) version of the dedication. It was pretty dang cool to hear it cause I can understand it. Pretty awesome. Then after, I pulled a Jim Phillips and went right up to Mitt Romney and said "What's up Mitt? How you doin?" and shook his hand! HaHa, I am the son of my father don't worry!

Spiritual thought is in Alma 32 is the doctrine on faith. They said "faith is like a little seed" just like the Primary song! It is the best doctrine on faith that I have ever read.

Keep it real. Follow the spirit and you can't go wrong!

Elder Phillips

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