July 6, 2010

Tuesday we did service all day with one of my favorite guys in our ward. He is awesome. It was the one who had the party for the girl that turned 15. We moved and did stuff all day for him. It felt good to get sweaty and work really hard, plus they payed us with food. That happens a lot here. Oh yeah, we threw the other missionaries in the back of the loading truck....no worries, just breaking the law to serve others! Haha! I am sure God understands, we just did our best. It was that or drive with girls, which is worse???

Sunday was the day that made it all worth it on my mission so far. All the fighting through things and everything. I am glad I came back. I don't know if you remember our investigator Maryse, but she was getting taught and we handed her off to other missionaries. We set the date of baptism and didn't get to see her since. Then we get to church Sunday and see her at the baptismal font and I get to watch her get baptized. I know I didn't baptize her, but I was definately a part of this my first baptism.

The church is true, I know it!


Elder Phillips

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