July 28, 2010

Yo, Yo what's up? I'm staying in Chelsea again. So happy, but Elder Molina is getting transferred. I am happy for the change even though we have gotten along so so good this past week. I am glad Jesus gave me patience with Elder Molina because without it, I wouldn't have gotten along with him. We are just so different.

Last Monday, was the best p-day ever. We went downtown and ate at the best sandwich place. It is called Alcapones. It is amazing. I love it. Literally the best thing ever. Then we just chilled downtown and relaxed. Just loving life in the best city in the world. We shopped around and then went to another birthday party for me with another family. My birthday continues, I just think everyone wants to see me fat! HaHa!

Tuesday, I discovered something...that if you pray for something and live it and work for it, the Lord will reward you. I am learning Spanish...I am praying for it, and working hard, and living the Spanish culture and that is why I have been learning it. I have also been praying for patience, I have been working for it and trying to live it and the Lord has rewarded me with patience. This was a break through for me.

Thursday, we went on a referral to a guy that we know smokes weed. We start talking to him and he says he understands and has a testimony. Then the spirit whispers "talk about quitting smoking!" I kinda pulled a Nephi and was like "what you want me to chop of his head??" haha! But I talked to him and he wants us to help him quit smoking because he is interested in the church! We are also teaching this lady named Antonia. She threw me a birthday party and then took us to her sister's families house to teach. Pretty amazing, we are now teaching a family of seven!

Friday, I cooked dinner for a family. They usually cook for us but the lady hurt her hand and I thought it was a good idea for service. So, we went over there and had family home evening and I cooked dinner and then we taught after. It was awesome!

This week I ate fried pig skins! Yeah! It was pretty good, too!

I will update you on my new companion next Monday! Peace!

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