July 12, 2010

WOW! Shout out to my bestest friends in the world that sent me a package: annie, katie and brock! I love you sosososo much. You are the best friends in the whole entire world. I got it today and all the other elders are jealous! hahahah That was awesome, I am going to wait till Wednesday to open it. Thanks also to my parents for their package. I loved it all! I can't wait till my party Wednesday. It is going to be so so so awesome. I love you so much thanks for the gifts.

Last Monday, we played soccer. I just loved it we played it on the beach. It was so totally awesome. I am just loving it all. Loving it here in Boston, I want to move here later in life...it is just amazing here.

Tuesday, I was sick and tied of not sleeping, so I fixed the air conditioners and now we are freezing at night, just the way I like it. I am happy that I have the opportunity to have an air conditioner...really our apartment is amazing and I was pretty much the hero this week for fixing it.

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went to East Boston. We taught this kid that is 14, he has a baptism date but his mom is hard core Catholic and won't let him. East Boston is totally different and is surrounded by water and is a ton closer to the city. I was on an exchange with Elder Standage, he is one transfer a head of me so we had a fun time. It was hard on the street trying to tell people about the church, we were kind of arguing, it is hard to explain stuff in Spanish when it is hard to explain it in my first language. It was a fun day and a good break from Elder Molina.

Saturday we went and served food and cleaned at the Boys and Girls Club. It was awesome, they needed us bad for sure and we got tons of food. We met a ton of new people it was really effective.

Sunday was the best day of my life. So we get out and go to the church for the confirmation of Maryse. The sister missionaries call us and tell us that Maryse wants us to be there. When we get there the sister missionaries tell us that the Bishop isn't there and they want me to do the confirmation. Of course I say yes, I would love to even though I have only seen like 2 including mine. So what do you do...go to the white handbook, do a little memorizing then go up there and do it. I messed up and had to start over, but I just felt so much peace that this is why I am here to help people come unto Christ. So that was just amazing. I love this work so so so much!


Elder Phillips

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