July 19, 2010

WOW! Thanks everyone for sending me everything and making it the best birthday ever. I am just so so so happy. I have not been this happy in a long time and it is all because I came back out on my mission. Thanks for the support and prayers. I can't believe I am fat and twenty! Haha! Fat is not my fault. It is the members here and the week of my birthday I had like 4-5 birthday parties with different members. It is super fun. I love it!

Monday, we went to the mall in Cambridge with all the rich people. I spent all my birthday money. I bought a new Boston hat, a soccer jersey (Messy from Argentina) and a new pair of pants (much needed). I had the shopaholic syndrome! HaHa!

Wednesday, Happy Birthday to Me! Yeah Baby! Go 20! Really...I want to stay a teenager forever...I don't want to grow up...I want to be Peter Pan! Anyway, I wanted to wait until night to have my party at the house and it was just so so great!

Thursday, I made cupcakes (Thanks for the cupcake stuff) for the whole district!

Saturday was a really really good day. I got the ring! Probably my most favorite present I have ever gotten. I just feel the support of all my family on my finger. I was just so happy to get it because my parents played a trick on me. I asked my dad about it and he said..."I'll talk to your mom about it." Leading me to believe that they hadn't even looked into the ring yet!!

Sunday was a good day. Just went to church and later that night found our long lost investigator with a baptism date. I hope I don't move so I can baptize him, but yeah...he still has a testimony. He is just working a ton so he can save up because he is moving back to Guatemala. We need to baptize him before he goes so that Elder Ririe can find him and take him to church!!

Spiritual message of the week: Ezekiel 37:15-17 and II Nephi 3:12. This is the Bible and the Book of Mormon testifying of the other! It is talking about sticks, but it is referring to the scriptures. The church is true! Proven!!

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