June 21, 2011

Our most recent baptism
Helping with the baby shower

Well, I had a very enjoyable and busy week. We are doing lots of things to get Elder Carrillo ready for his departure. It makes everything busy but we are still having fun and enjoying our time together. We still talk lots and ride our bikes all over the city.

We got to go to the temple on Thursday. We got a ride to the temple from a former missionary in the Boston area. He was with his wife, which was weird because we know him as an elder. After our session in the temple, we did some service for this amazing man who works in the temple. He took us home after. It was super fun. It helps relieve stress to do some good hard physical labor.

The next few days were hectic. We got to help prepare for the baptism and a baby shower that was immediately after. We had to set up tables, blow up balloons, set up the decorations. It was fun. We had so much to do that the other elders in Worcester came to help us. The baptism was just fantastic. She was a little shaky going into it but we said a prayer with her over the phone to help calm her down. It was great and she looked so happy and peaceful before the baptism. She asked me to do the ordinance and I happily accepted. She also asked me to confirm her. Even though this doesn't usually happen, this is what she wanted. She leaves for Brazil this week, which is why she was so stressed out. After she was baptized and confirmed she was all smiles. We had to do the baptism twice and she said she felt so clean after the second time...so cool! I didn't screw up on the confirmation this time...so that was good!

So this is why it was one of the best weeks on my mission! This week we have two more baptisms scheduled for Sunday! They are a really great family. I love them lots. I know the restored gospel helps everyone no matter where we are in this life. It is great to see miracles! Now we need to find more people to teach. Don't worry about Elder Carrillo...just keep praying for him.

I love you all very much!

Elder Phillips

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