June 28, 2011

Our most recent baptism.
Elder Carrillo and I at one of our many dinner appointments!

Oh man, what a week! It has been the week for Elder Carrillo and will be until he heads home in a few days! I will miss him a lot. We have gotten pretty close and we have fun together. It is bad because everyone wants to feed us before he goes. We have had lunch and dinner appointments for the last week and until he goes. I really don't like being fat! Speaking of which...we went to Chelsea and Lynn (Elder Carrillo's old areas). It was really fun because we got to see lots of the people I was working with. All the people that saw me asked me why I gotten soo fat! Yes! Hispanic people are so honest! It needs to come off soon. I am getting annoyed! It seems like something always gets in the way of my diet!

We had two baptisms on Saturday and confirmations on Sunday! Finally, we are getting something going in Worcester! It was good because it helped us focus on what our purpose is. Baptism is the only way I can help someone have salvation. That is the ONLY way to do it! This baptism was a little different. It is hard to describe. I will just continue doing my job and help them be immersed in the gospel and help them come to Christ.

The ward continues to help us by taking us to our appointments and washing our clothes and inviting us to parties. Elder Carrillo is packing and trying to visit people he has met on his mission. It is hard to stay focused and keep the rules all the time with a companion that is going home and wants to say goodbye to everyone. I am doing my best, as always.

It is transfers this week, but I am staying in Worcester for at least six more weeks, then hopefully I will go. It is time for a change.

I love you with all my heart. Peace and Blessings.
Elder Phillips

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