My first week in Boston!

Let's see, WOW, what a week a lot of new things have happened! The plane landed, I said goodbye, and then met the Mission President. He is super nice and a good guy! Then he took me straight out to my house in Chelsea and I met my companion, Elder Molina, who is from Uraguay. We only speak Spanish together plus we only speak Spanish to all the people we see because everyone is Latin. We have gotten to know the members because me and Elder Molina are both new, we are "shotgunning." We have made a few contacts and taught a few lessons. We live with two other elders, Elder Standage and Elder Carrillo. They are really cool and we have lots of fun together joking around and stuff.

Funny story: Elder Molina is not very good at English so he copies me and says how are you. It sounds like "howareyou" like Jackine Chan in Shanghai noon. So, so funny!

Let's see...we got a baptism date but we have to give it to the English speaking missionaries because we are only allowed to speak Spanish. This guy has faith like I can't believe. We have been praying that he will find money and work. After our second lesson, we left and he checks his mailbox to see if money came. He checks and he got a check for 100 bucks! Talk about faith and answer to prayers...so so so cool.

We were teaching an investigator at a member's house and the longer we were there the more food they brought out. First a tortilla and cheese and horchata, then dinner, then desert, then cooked bananas, then grilled corn, then cupcakes. They just kept bringing out food! The members are taking good care of us, they give us dinner every night.

I don't have an email address yet, hopefully, by next week. I can receive letters everyday! Please write!

I love you guys!

Elder Phillips

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