September 12, 2011

Our most recent baptism!

This week Elder Barnhurst was asked to baptize an eight year old girl who is in a family that he is really close to. It was a really special occasion for all of the people involved, especially Elder Barnhurst. We did a lot of preparations for the baptism, like programs and interviews. The life of a missionary is not really what I thought it would be. I thought it would be teaching and testifying all day to people. This is what I really like to do but we do so many more things like service...which is totally great! Yesterday was the baptism and it was wonderful. Most of the family came, which was a little hard because most of the family are not members. It was a great opportunity to do all the things the Lord wanted us to do and to help others come unto Christ. It was a really great day.

Early on in the week we had a lot of rain and all of our appointments fell through. So we walked in the rain for most of 2 days. Elder Barnhurst got the flu and to tell you the truth, I didn't feel that great either. Since we weren't feeling that well, we did a lot of resting which was good and bad. You know me...I hate just sitting, I thrive on being busy. I got a couple of other Elders to come over and switch with me so that I could go on some appointments. I went with an English speaking elder which was fun because I got to talk to different people. It was kind of weird to not just look for hispanics. While I was home resting, I had time to just meditate and analyze and think about what I am doing my mission and my purpose, which I think is to help other people. I have never had time to just sit and think about it before. I am either just dead tired and asleep or working out in my down time. I have never really had any time to myself, because I am always with my companion. It was nice to be alone while he was sleeping and resting. I am so grateful for the time I had to meditate on the things most important in my life.

Okay, so a little more about the work in New London...there are a few inactives that we work with and nonmembers that have been worked with a ton by a lot of different missionaries. They seem like "golden" investigators but then they don't want to change to do what God wants them to do. It is really frustrating. So I have taken a different approach in the area and decided to look for new investigators to teach. Everyone deserves a change to have the gospel and to make a positive change in their lives. So we have found more investigators and we are starting to get more referrals from the other English speaking elders. It is exciting. For a long time, we have given referrals to them because we often find people to teach who are not Spanish speakers. It is cool to see the English speaking elders start to give us referrals back! It is good to see the whole district grow together!

Have a Magical Day!

Elder Phillips

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