October 17, 2011

Ward Mission Leader!
Party at the church!

Oh, man...I loved hearing about all my buddies all over the world. I have noticed that other missions seem to be baptizing more than our mission, but I love my mission and am so grateful to be a part of it and doing the Lords work. There are a lot of hard hearts in New England but we are just working and going forward.

This was a solid week and we had some great activities planned. Thursday was a great day. We had to go out to Providence again. It is sure a great city. It is a lot like Boston but a lot smaller. The hispanic culture is just bursting there just like Boston and it is amazing to see it.

This week was a little slower and I had time to start feeling better and to let my back heal. We had a lot of rain which slowed us down but we were diligent. Friday, we did a lot of walking which is a little strange for us because we usually find people to teach. We did find a few new investigators that show a lot of promise. Saturday, we had a great activity that was so much fun. It was a great success. There were more nonmembers at church than there were members. There were people from lots of different cultures, but most were Dominicans. This is a culture that I have fallen in love with. They are great people. The ward mission leader did a dance that is typical in Peru. He was a champion dancer in Peru, but he said he was really out of shape. If he only knew me before the mission, he would really know what out of shape is!

We are preparing our investigators for baptism the problem is that the District Leader has to interview them, but he can't be the one that is teaching them. The District Leader that is going to do the interview does not speak Spanish, so they will need a translator! WOW, lots of work, but worth the effort because it is a baptism.

Elder Barnhurst and I have gotten to be the best of friends. I love him so much and we have gotten really close. It is just fantastic. It makes the work so much better when we are on the same page and doing the Lord's work.

Thanks for the package, I love it to death and cherish it! Thanks! I am so excited that I have been accepted into BYU when I return home! Thanks so much! I love you with all my heart everyone!

Have a magical day!
Elder Aaron James Phillips

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