November 28, 2011

Going out to breakfast!
Thanksgiving dinner with the ESL class!

Wow! What a week! Let's just say that this Thanksgiving was something that I will never forget! We had like 3 different Thanksgiving dinners. I thought that I was going to escape that this year, but I didn't...we just had the dinners on different days. Here is the rundown:
  • The first one was a party with ESL class we help with. We have also taught a couple of them the gospel. It was mostly Dominican and Puerto Rican food. It was really good. They are so surprised that we like their food and stuff. It was fun to talk and eat!
  • The second one was a big party at a friends house with all the Puerto Ricans in town! There was turkey, but no one likes turkey in the Spanish culture. It is too dry and I agree! Ha Ha! So we also had a big pork leg and it was sooo good! It was really fun! There was music and we played dominos. It was pretty much like everything else in the hispanic culture...another reason to party! Ha Ha!
  • The third one was yesterday. We got invited by a nice family, that we love, to go and have Thanksgiving dinner. It was a typical Thanksgiving dinner...which was really nice. We also went to a birthday party of a little girl. We are teaching her family. Luckily, we didn't have to eat at the party!
I love the Spanish culture so much. There is always lots of food!

We are working very closely with a couple of investigators. There are two that are getting closer to baptism. We will have 2 more months of good hard work to get them prepared. The recent converts that I have and that I thought would strengthen the branch could be moving to New York. The work keeps moving forward and I love it!

Yesterday at church it was a mad house. I had to do so much. I helped with the Sacrament, conducted the music, and am helping to plan a service project for the branch. There are not very many priesthood holders, so they keep us pretty busy in this small branch.

I am excited that we get to go to the temple for Christmas in December. I love this time of year!

Have a magical day and week! Peace and Blessings.
Elder Phillips

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