December 19, 2011

Wow! What a week I have had. I have loved the mission this week. Everyone knows that we have been working hard and our numbers show it! We have had so much success this week. It is really exciting and fun to know that you are making a large impact in the lives of others. I enjoy my mission and this area so much. The work is hard but it is rewarding. Elder Morris and I are trying to get lots of things going. We are close to having a great explosion. The branch is growing and improving immensely. We are trying to work with the youth and get them going. We would like to get our branch up to 70 people...we are getting close. When I got here, we only had 11 people coming to the branch (and that included the 2 missionaries)! We have been working and praying to get our numbers up.

We just started our new transfers this week. We got a van to help us with all our meetings. We named our van Hazel...so funny, Elder Morris made it up! It is way better than the Corolla...the chick car! I didn't like it...I'm not gonna lie! We got a new roommate. He is a good guy. I need to try to find a way to communicate to him at his level. I am still the District Leader here for my second to last transfer. It is weird to say that...but I guess this is coming to an end soon, even though I don't want it to.

This week we had a Branch Christmas party. We were playing musical chairs and Elder Morris ate it so hard! It was so funny. We got teased so bad. White people just can't handle the hispanic parties! I came in second place...I guess that I have been in this culture long enough to play with them! It was fun...we just ate and talked....it sounds like a Phillips reunion! I am not going to lie...the hispanics do it better than us...we have a lot to learn still. I also got volunteered to play Santa. The things we do as missionaries! I tried my best...it was fun.

On a more serious note, we had some of the best lessons that we have had on my mission this week. Some were new investigators and some were people that we have taught for a while. They were so spiritual and I am sure that they are bringing people closer to baptism. It is awesome to see them grow and flourish as they learn more about Christ. It makes me realize that I have some things I need to change in my own life...I am a work in progress.

Have a magical week. Peace and Blessings.

Elder Phillips.

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