Standing in front of his new TRUCK!
Welcome Home Elder Phillips!
Elder Phillips with his grandparents.
Elder Phillips with Ali and Jack
Elder Phillips with the parents
Dad got the second hug!
Elder Phillips and the Neidigs
Mom got the first hug!

Aaron arrived home on March 9, 2012. This was a day that we had been looking forward to for 2 years! We had a count-down going from 100 days on. Everyone that would see us would always ask how many more days? We were always excited to tell anyone the number of days left.

It was a very emotional reunion between Aaron and his family. He saw his mom first and immediately dropped his back-back and ran to her and gave her a huge bear hug. Then he moved on to his dad, grandparents and sister.

We are so grateful for the safe return of Aaron and for the wonderful experience that he had serving the people in the Massachusetts Boston Mission.

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