September 13, 2010

This past week, we had changes. The final p-day of the transfers is always crazy. We are running around trying to do everything the people that are leaving want to do. Thursday, we had a transfer meeting and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Parker Dawe from Pleasant Grove, UT. We played against each other in football. He played on the line, so he probably destroyed me! He is a player and got scholarship offers from all over Utah. He is cool and we have so much in common. Our favorite movie is "Remember the Titans ". We love all sports. We talked and talked and shared a lot of experiences with each other. He is a good guy. He served in an English area so he is lacking on the Spanish skills. So, I am teaching Spanish again. I never knew how tiring it is to teach a language. I am staying in Chelsea for at least six more weeks, so that is awesome!

Friday was my "bump" mark which means that I am 1/4 done with my mission. That is crazy that already came. Before I know it I will be home, I am sure. I am trying to serve the Lord the best I can. I almost killed my new comp on Friday! We went on a run (he has had a car) and I am a lot smaller than him so I can run faster. I made him run with me. He was determined to run with me, but he was real real tired!

Saturday, I went to Fenway Park. I have the best pics in the whole world! The President approved us to go to Fenway and help with a blood drive. I am so converted to the sports in Boston! It is so awesome, we have to go here for a game! I am totally obsessed and just loving it!

Sunday we started changing the whole ward mission plan! It is crazy how much responsibility 20 kids have in a language that they are just learning. That was my week! Love you guys!!!

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