September 27, 2010

What is going on? We went downtown and did some shopping! I got some new things and felt really happy after! I know that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings true happiness, but shop therapy was pretty great! While we were shopping, we lost Elder Haggard! I felt like a parent running around trying to find him. I was worried sick! I can imagine how a parent feels to some degree! I could have killed him!

We went on divisions and I was working with another elder who was really struggling. I asked him a lot of questions and finally I got everything out of him. I found out that he has a little anxiety. I think I helped him get through it! We talked and worked everything out for like 3 hours! I guess it was worth going through all my anxiety, because i was able to help him out and this is just another testimony for me of why I am supposed to be here in Chelsea.

Thursday, I was just really praying hard about what I can do to help my investgators progress and get them to come to church. The thing that really kicked me in the face was when I was reading in 3 Nephi 11. The first thing he does when he gets to the Americas is testify. I realized that the people of Chelsea don't have a problem understanding about God or their beliefs in God. What they need is for me to explain more clearly and to testify what we need and I think it is working. I need to remember to teach what the people need not to what they already know.

Sunday was so cool! I gave another blessing to one of the members of the family that Elder Ririe found. Blessings are difficult to give in Spanish because there are so many more rules that you have to follow. I get really nervous to give them, but the Lord helped me so much. It was awesome and felt good. Then we had Fast and Testimony meeting and one of the members testified about a blessing that I gave a little girl and how it healed her! Oh my gosh! It was such a testimony builder for me! I also taught a class at church in Spanish with only 2 hours of notice. I know that I was called to Boston, MA for a reason! I am growing so much!

I am so excited for General Conference this week. It is kinda funny, but the missionaries talk about conference like it is Christmas! We will have a couple of activities and then everyone watches it at the chapel. I think I am watching it in Spanish and I am super excited! It will be so great!

Peace and Blessings...

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