September 20, 2010

Whatttt uppppp? Elder Dawe and I are dying football season has started. The best thing about serving in a Spanish area is that no one cares about football and we don't get reminded about what we are missing!

Pray for Elder Dawe not to be stressed and to help him learn Spanish. He wants to learn so bad. I am doing my best to serve him and teach him. In the process, I am getting a better grasp of Spanish, that is great and really fun.

We are doing great, but we have no serious investigators and no investigators that have a baptism date or that are coming to church. We are working diligently.

I decided that General Conference for the missionaries is like Christmas, at least we talk about it like it is!

Monday, we taught someone in the ward that we have never met before. It is the Maza family and they are part of the huge family that Elder Rire baptized when he was here. I always look forward to our dinners with the members and their conversion stories. It is really really special. We shared a cool activity with the family. We taught about how faith is like a seed and I had them draw a flower and what you have to do to make it grow. They loved it!

Wednesday was the most productive day on my mission. We went from lesson to lesson to lesson to lesson. Everyone was home.

Saturday was amazing. I tried fasting all week for the International Dinner activity. It was so fun. I ate till I exploded. Everyone brought food from all the countries that they were from. I made brownies since the United States stole everything from other countries!

Sunday was really spiritual. I gave another blessing to a baby. I still get nervous to give blessings in Spanish, but the spirit guided me me through it.

This was a good week. We taught 15 lessons. It was just amazing. God loves us! I love this work!

Peace and Blessings.

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