October 4, 2010

General Conference weekend is like Christmas to missionaries and Christmas was really really good! Conference was sincerely just truly an amazing experience. I watched all sessions in Spanish. It was so great. I loved every second of them. I got a lot out of them even though I am not fluent yet. Many of the General Authorities gave there own recorded version in Spanish and those were the best ones. You could here their voice and didn't have to hear a translation. I know that they are all men of God. The underlying message that I received was about agency and how we are the masters of our own lives through the little things we do every day. We can't control every thing in our lives but we can choose how to respond and our attitude about what does happen and how day in and day out our decisions create who we are.

Monday was fun. We played soccer with these young kids and since we have some pretty good players and we are so much older we smoked them. The next day, we gave a lesson to one of the kids we played soccer with. He was supposed to bring all his friends, but he was the only one that showed up. It was a good challenge and a good lesson. The kid looked sincere and it was fun. Then that night we taught a little English to some investigators we that have. They think I am a freak because I can talk Spanish and I learned how to speak in Boston. They are surprised that I learned it so fast.

Saturday and Sunday we spent listening to conference. We spent the whole day at the church and in between sessions they just fed us! I feel like a hog that they are getting ready to kill so they are fattening us up for their enjoyment so they can kill us later! HaHa!

I am here to stay. I love this work, with all the up and downs. I love you all! I am great and happy!

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