October 25, 2010

My new apartment
For my last p-day before my transfer we went downtown, just in case I went out into the boonies somewhere! Now, downtown is my area and I can go there whenever I want! Which is awesome! The day before I got transferred, we experienced a miracle. We had two people cry as we were talking about the Book of Mormon. Then I had to leave Chelsea. I felt cheated that all of my hard work in Chelsea was finally paying off and they have lots of people that are really really interested in the gospel and I had to leave. But then I got to my new area, and we have already had a baptism.

I already love the people here in my new area. I live on this main road and I hear the train all night, but I am too tired from walking all day to care. So, I am walking again...hopefully no more fatness and I am gonna get skinny! My new area is a lot bigger than I am used to. I have to translate for the Sacrament Meeting which is good news that my spanish will not get lost and I will get better. We teach more than 50% in spanish, mostly Dominican, and I just love it! I was so relieved that I went to the city. It is so cool how God is watching out for me. In the city, the work is different. We have to use all the public transit, so we wait a lot.

I met a guy on a bus that was gay and spoke spanish. He was a mormon, but now lives with gay people. He still has a very strong testimony. I told him how we all have our weaknesses that we can't control but that we still have to obey God's law. Anyway, he was really receptive.

We had a baptism on Sunday and I got to participate even though it was not really mine. But, I got to meet him and teach him before he got baptized. He is an amazing guy (Bill Malone) that just loves the church and I think he will always be an active member.

I am living with missionaries that speak Haitian, which is cool. I love them all and I am doing so good. All stress seems to be gone. I love this new place and am excited to meet lots of new people. Love you guys. Peace and Blessings.

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