October 12, 2010

Boston Temple

We had a killer week! We are just working so hard and doing well. It is great!

The first thing was last Tuesday. I had this feeling to talk to this guy, so I talked to him. It was super awkward and I kept feeling like I needed to keep talking to get all the steps in. When we left I felt like something was missing but there was nothing more that I could say. It was weird. It was the first time it has happened to me. That night we are at the familia Reyes. It was so good and sooo fun. They are the best family. He was the bishop for a long time and we talked about his mission and how we can be better. This guy is awesome. He is a spiritual giant!

Wednesday, I discovered that I love boiled plaintain! They are so good. You take big bananas and you boil them with cinnamon and then at the end you put sugar with the excess water and cinnamon and it is soo good.

We had a miracle on Friday. I see little miracles every day in this work. This guy that I have completely lost contact with called us to come visit him. He had not answered phone calls for the whole transfer. It was a little miracle.

Elder Dawe and I finally found the swing of teaching together. It is awesome. We are teaching well and man has his spanish improved! He is a stud!

Saturday I ate something funky! It is a palm which is a veggie that basically looks like a squid. It is fried or boiled in egg and then you cook it with this tomato sauce. It looks like a bloody squid, abut it was dang good!

Sunday, we met with the ward auxiliaries and the ward finally seems to really want to get involved in missionary work! It is making a difference!

On Monday (pday) we got to go to the temple...which was sooo great! Then we went into the city of Boston! I love it there! Tonight we are going to eat with this family that I must eat a lot! Yeah...They will be stuffing me and preparing me for Thanksgiving!!! haha!

Transfers next week! Peace and Blessings. Love you all!

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