February 15, 2011

District Meeting
Tours with Elder Hall

I just really feel the love of the Savior this week. That is what I have really felt this week and how much he really means to me. I love Him more than anything in the whole world.

Yesterday for p-day we slept at the zone leaders house, on their idea of a couch. It was super, super fun. It made p-day a lot better. We also went to the restaurant depot to eat at the Boylston Deli. Then we had a little Valentines Day party with a family and just felt so much love. It was really great! I have come along way since the beginning of my mission. I just feel the healing power of the atonement make me mellow out and have more fun. I was just so high strung and stressed out. I have just really felt the savior's love and what He has done for me.

Things are going really good here. If I left this area tomorrow, I would have left it a lot better than when I came. When I got here, there was no mission program in the wards. Now, we have a ward mission leader and a plan! So things are actually going well. I also started a program to get the priests (16-18 years old boys) to come and go on splits with us. How cool is that? Sunday, there was a cool story! We are really getting the ward to participate in missionary work and follow the plan that we set up for them. Which is just awesome, because now we have so much work to do and there is not enough time to do it. Anyway, we got a name from a ward member and I just had a feeling about him all day. He was a less active member and so we went to visit him and he was not home. He is a truck driver and was all the way out in Texas so we called him. He had just happened to go to church there! He was so happy. He was like "I went to church today... of all days for you guys to call me." I am so happy. It was cool. I just really feel like a tool in the hands of the Lord. I also feel like a tool for a couple of other people that are having problems in the ward. I feel like the only missionary in the ward that could really help them, so I feel super great.

The investigators are hard to come by, but the work we are getting from part member families and referrals from the ward is just really driving the work. It makes the ward really excited about the work, too.

Oh my gosh, on service last Saturday, I just felt so loved. I saw the best people in the Chelsea ward and they were like "you speak Spanish perfect! You look so awesome and so happy!" I loved seeing them. It made me feel so good, like I was loved and I was actually doing something in the mission. It was great even though I have not had so many baptisms. It still made me feel good.

It is finally starting to warm up! I have been in Worcester for almost 5 weeks and love it. Not too many promising investigators, but we are working hard. I am starting to drive...that is weird. Transfers next week!

Love you all!

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