January 9, 2012

This week was a good week. We had a few investigators that are coming to church and progressing. We also have a few inactive members that are coming to church and we are trying to help them progress and work towards going to the temple and getting the priesthood. They are just awesome.

I had an interview with the Mission President and that was awesome. I love that man. He guides us, but really lets the missionaries sort things out on their own. He has helped me so much to become more independent. That is a good thing because we all know how dependent I was on my family for support. He is just awesome.

I went on a few exchanges this week. It was cool to see the impact that I have had on some of the elders in my district. Sometimes you think that all your hard work is a waste, but it is not. Many people are so nice and complementary. It was great to see that I am making a difference.

I have had fun starting up a big project at a members home. We helped replace a window and took off this awful looking wallpaper. We are going to start painting this week. We are excited! I love doing stuff like this. It is nice to help a member that has helped us so much. They are so appreciative of the help we give them. She even mentioned in her testimony, how grateful she is for all the things the missionaries have done for her life. It was awesome. I also bore my testimony of fasting and prayer. We had investigators with us that were fasting. In my testimony, I shared an experience I had in the MTC. It was fast Sunday and I didn't know what to fast for. I prayed to know who to fast for and I was impressed to fast for my sister Anya. It seems to me that Anya is a very strong person and never needs anyone to pray for her....but I fasted and prayed for her anyway. Later, I found out that she was having some type of complication with her pregnancy and her diabetes and it was good that I had dedicated my fast to her. It was such a good testimony to me that fasting and prayer works because she was ok. God can tell us what we need to pray for. God is there! He loves me and is aware of me and my family. I almost cried remembering the experience. My investigators were really touched. It was a great day!

I love my mission. I love you all!

Peace and Blessings. Have a magical week!

Elder Phillips

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