January 3, 2012

Well, life is so good. We continue to have so much progress, even though we had a very slow Sunday. We attribute that to everyone staying up really late on New Year's Eve. We continue to pray to expand the attendance at church more and more. We are just plugging along doing the work and continue to not have ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY! I guess that is what happens when you work really hard...good things happen because God loves you and takes care of you.

Wow! I don't even know where to start. My greenies Spanish is getting so much better. He is changing and maturing right before my eyes! It is awesome. I love him so much and continue to be surprised how much he teaches me! It is just great! We are preparing a few different people to be baptized. We are also getting a lot of people receiving answers that the Book of Mormon is true and another testament of Jesus Christ. We have had so many cool miracles. One of our investigators that we teach, loves the gospel so much. We went over to her house for an appointment and she had company. Usually, when this happens they just tell us to come back later...but this was different. She invited us in and had us teach her guests. Then she testified of her belief in what we were teaching. She showed people her scriptures and everything. Wow! what a cool and amazing experience!!!

I also had the privilege of going to Providence on an exchange with the zone leaders. I sure loved it up there. It reminded me of Chelsea. It is just so dense with Hispanics, it was just awesome to be apart of it. I got to talk to so many people. The city is jam-packed tight with houses. It was a fun day. Elder Morris took the older zone leader for the day. He did so well. He said he killed the kid walking and the zone leader said how impressed he was because Elder Morris knew where to go and who to visit and what to do He did awesome and even taught a few lessons!

P-day we got to play basketball with high school kids. One of them is a member and we met at the court to play. They wanted to play the missionaries against the Puerto Ricans. So we played and won! They were decked out in the Jordan basketball shoes and basketball shorts and we had on running shoes! It was a riot! It was a good time and hopefully some of the kids get interested in the church.

It is getting cold now. Gosh, it is about time! This morning was the first time we had to put on the heater. We woke up freezing! We were so cold and of course our study room is the worst. We took our showers and the steam turned to ice on the windows! It was only 47 degrees in our house! It was our fault, but so funny! I love it too much!

I love you all. Peace and Blessings. Have a magical week!

Elder Phillips

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