January 30, 2012

Our most recent baptism!

This was a fantastic week that was very, very full. It started out really slow but ended up being really busy. I am still the District Leader and we had a district meeting with a great speaker who is a recent convert. He said something that really hit me...he said that if you feel you are on a wheel that you should get off because when we are on the wheel, it is means that we are doing the same thing over and over. It is important to change that because if you look at the plan of salvation, that is not how it is supposed to be. You are happier when you are not on the wheel and pushing yourself to get better. It really hit me and made me think. I really enjoyed listening to him. He really impacted the missionaries in the district. It was really good.

This week we are going to try to go for the all time high for teaching. We are going to try to hit 20. I have been close but have always fallen short. It should be good. None of this coasting till the end of the mission stuff. I have things to do and people to help out! I am excited for this transfer. Wow, Elder Morris is doing well and he taking more responsibility. That is our plan and what I want him to do. We have set goals to help one another achieve it. It has been great to be around him.

We had some extra miles last week and went to Hartford. I like it better than Providence. It was just awesome. There was a great spirit there and I just loved being there. It would have been great to work there on my mission, but that didn't happen. oh, well. I feel like I have something to finish here before I go. We found 2 new investigators and they both should be baptized before I go...which is awesome and I am excited for that. I feel like I experienced a miracle. I went and gave a blessing to someone and then we went back a few days later to do some service. She said, " I know that you have the authority from God because I felt that the blessing was more pure than other that I have gotten from other churches. She was shocked that I can speak Spanish so well, she says I speak better than her kids! Ha Ha! She wants to hear the message of the gospel and come to church but she is quite sick. I hope that she will be able to go someday. The way she described the blessing was that part of my heart went out to her and that I said true words. Wow! That was cool!

We finally finished the 12 week study program of 4 hours of scripture study every day...we are now back to 3 hours per day. Morris is now officially trained and technically not a greenie. My boy is all grown up (now imagine a tear falling down my cheek). Ha Ha! We played ball this week with some less actives and prospective investigators. It was really fun. Elder Morris turned it on and is not awkward anymore. It was just a good time. It was just a good all around week. We are very close to some new investigators. It should be good!

Peace and Blessings!

Elder Phillips

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