November 1, 2010

Boston Temple

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.    It is nuts that we are already writing emails again.  My new area is amazing and the new companion, too.  We are really, really different but still get along great!  He is very quiet, so I will help him come out of his shell a little bit.  The new elders in our apartment are great!  I love them lots.  They both have just over 6 months left on their mission and speak creol.  It is really fun.  We are always talking and playing games together.

Just so everyone knows, my boy Brock goes to the field tomorrow and he needs our prayers.  He has some mixed emotions and we need to pray that he will chill out!  Good luck Brock!

Halloween is really lame in the field.  We did nothing!  I decorated my little corner of the apartment.  The ward party did not have a great turn-out which was sad, but it was fun.  The ward is really great.  It is a good mix of Spanish and English people.  I get to translate all the time.  It is really, really fun.  It is a new skill that I need to work on.  Some people are hard to translate for and others are not.  I just translated for a sister that used lots of slang in her talk.  I spoke in church on Sunday on "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy".  Someone else translated for me.  I made sure to talk slower and clearer and didn't use jargon or slang.  I now understand why they talk they way they do in conference...it is because they are being translated.

I love the new ward.  We have a few baptisms coming up.  I helped confirm our recent member of the church and then I had to go to teach the Sunday School class.  The people really rely on the missionaries here.

Funny story before I go.  I have been trying to loose a bit of weight.  I feel sososososo much better!  I am doing so good and then all of a sudden we have investigators that live on the side of us that are Dominican that sale food outside of their house.  We talked to him and he says that he is cooking.  I told him that I love those fried plantains that you are making and he was like, "Do you want some?"  So he gave us some plantains and some other stuff too.  Everything is deep fried!!  even the cheese and eggs!  He gives us two huge plates of food.  I went back over and then he gives us pastries...which are more fried stuff!  I went to bed pretty sick!

Going to Harvard today!  Peace and blessings!

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