November 7, 2010

Wedding at the church.

Playing Risk with my roommates!

On the Harvard University campus!

Thanks for all the support and the letters and stuff.  Last week, we went to Harvard University, which was really cool.  It was just like in all the movies.  The campus is just gorgeous and the houses are really amazing.  We looked so out of place, even with our white shirts and ties, we stood out!  I could really go to school there!  I am thinking about if for my MBA.  We will see.  It would be amazing.  The people are amazing and the teachers too.  There are a few that are LDS, so that would be cool!

Tuesday was an amazing day.  It was very rewarding because we are teaching this 19 year old kid that is part of a part member family.  We talked about prophets and why we should listen to the prophets.  I show him this tree metaphor and he like expounds on it...it is just amazing when your investigator teaches you!  It was awesome and the spirit was strong.  He has a testimony of the church and is planning to be baptized in 2 weeks.  Then we went over to a guy who was recently baptized.  I had never met him before and he was asking about when he could have an interview and is taking notes in church.  It seems he is a better member than me and I am a missionary!  What the heck?  Some people are just ready for the gospel...you just have to find them.

Wednesday was the zone conference.  We are learning the new method of teaching that the church is coming out with.  The new method really focuses on making the individual's testimony strong, including the missionaries testimonies.

The only problem with this area is the awkwardness of having to knock on doors by your house to people that you see everyday that other missionaries have knocked on before.  It is terrible, but you have to do it.  It is so lame!

On Saturday, my friend in the ward, Anne, took us to the best sushi place in Boston!  It is called JP Seafood.  WOW SO GOOD!  I miss that kind of food.  I have been eating all fried food and it was so nice to get a little sushi in me.  It was delicious.  I loved it so much!

Last night we had church!  Let me tell you folks, it is starting to get cold!  It was really really really cold!  It is time to pull out the winter gear!  But I love it here, it is beautiful.  After church, we ate dinner with a family from Barbados.  They are really cool and they are all members except the cousins.  They love the missionaries.  We are going to eat over there a lot.

The church is true!  Peace and blessing.  Love you all.

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