November 22, 2010

Christmas Ornament?
Handing out Thanksgiving Dinner's for 150 people!
Things are going great. We are preparing for Thanksgiving and it seems like it should be good...I am not expecting anything special because the last holiday was so lame! So, if I keep my sights low....I won't be disappointed.

Yesterday, I was humbled with my Spanish...a lot! I was asked to translate again in front of everyone for a hispanic member. His talk was kinda weird and he didn't give it to me to look over it before the meeting. I guess I did fine, but I just was forgetting small words. I know this happened because I was starting to get cocky with the language. It is pretty funny how things happen and how the Lord can humble someone.

Tuesday, was a good day. Steven, my first baptism is progressing great and I am so happy like he gets everything. He had his interview for baptism and we were complimented and told he is very well prepared. I was so happy and content to be apart of something bigger than me and that I could do something to help someone. I also learned how to make papusas and they were good! We learned how to make them with a person that used to make and sell papusas in Salvador. They are like my favorite thing in the world and they were homemade...amazing! People have been mistaking me for a hispanic person! I don't know if they are lying, but it makes me feel really good about my spanish!

Wednesday, Wow! We started to teach this kid my age! He is twenty two and knows the Book of Mormon is true. He just really, really likes his lifestyle. He is amazing and he has been talking to friends. He reads more in the Book of Mormon than me! Wow! I had this prompting for him to read Moroni 7. He read it in the library at school and started to cry cause he could feel the spirit so strong and he knew that he had gotten an answer to his prayers. Some people are just ready. He is just worried about how his family would react to him changing religions. Gosh, reminds me of my dad! I might have him call you dad!

Friday was a cool day. We gave out free turkeys at the service...150 turkeys! It was a sight and we got one too. We are going to do an activity tomorrow with our missionaries and the other people in our ward and investigators.

Saturday, we ended up sanding a floor all day for a member! What a huge mess. He had to leave because he had family coming in town. We were so tired from sanding all day, but it was worth it when he came back and gave us so many compliments and was so grateful! It felt great to do some manual labor!

I hope you all have a great week and a Happy Turkey Day! Read President Monson's talk on gratitude. It was amazing...that is my challenge to be more grateful! Peace and Blessings! Elder Aaron James Phillips

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