December 1, 2010

The "Flour Game"
District Picture
Turkey Bowl--Football Game!

Wow! Another transfer and guess what? Nothing happened! We thought that Elder Still was going, but he is staying right here where he is supposed to stay! I have 6 more weeks with Elder Still and the other same guys in the apartment which I enjoy. They are a lot more mellow than me and it is nice to be around that. We have so much work to do here and I love it!

So, Turkey Day in the mission was awesome! Thanks mom for praying so hard that I would have a place to go for dinner. I blame you for gaining all that weight on Thanksgiving Day! God always does answer our prayers. Next time, don't pray quite as hard, okay? We went to 3 houses and we ended with the hispanics. We are so stupid! I have never ever ever eaten so much in my entire life! It was not so fun.

I have been sick the last 2 weeks but is is all good. I have worked every day. You can't keep me out of Boston and doing the work I love. We are busy and tearing it up! We are looking to have some good baptisms, too. I am very excited. The work is coming along. In a few days, we are going to the temple with the ward and then the day after that we have my first baptism and he asked me to baptize. I am so happy! He is also talking about going on a mission. So that is even more exciting!

Elder Still and I were talking about our names. His middle name is Ammon and my name is Aaron. Ammon and Aaron were missionaries in the Book of Mormon...so Ammon and Aaron are working together again! This is why we are doing so good together! HaHa!

Saturday was super fun. We helped paint Bill's house all day! He took us out to eat after. That was great....the stuff you do on missions! I love it!

Monday, I found out that Nick, my investigator, and my dad talked. He loved it and dad pretty much gave him a lesson and that was super cool! It was a really good lesson! This is a kid that is doing all the normal stuff that kids my age are doing and he has stopped it all because of a prayer and some lessons from us. It was just awesome and so spiritual to see how happy he is! It is just amazing to see people change their life for the better!

Love you all! Peace and blessings!

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