December 6, 2010

My week has been super amazing and great! Yesterday was my first real baptism! WOW! What a day and let's say kinda rough. We are expected to do a lot...well everything! We made a program with a person that doesn't speak Spanish...not fun. I made cupcakes for refreshments. Steven showed up 45 minutes late. I forgot a change of underwear. The font didn't have enough water in it. I was so nervous, that I couldn't speak Spanish. His pants got air in them, and I had to redo the baptism 4 times! What a great day!

I had to translate for someone in a temple recommend interview yesterday. How awkward! The questions are pretty personal and I am only 20 years old and in with the Stake President and a member and they are talking about the Law of Chastity. AWKWARD!

Saturday, we were able to go to the temple with Bill, our recent convert! He was so excited to go and the spirit was so strong. The spirit was different, something that I have never felt before. It felt like gratitude that God was giving me for helping to be a tool and bringing Bill closer to Him! It was very interesting. The spirit of the mission is very different. It is hard to explain.

Friday, we got to meet all the new elders in the district. It is really weird. The spirit is so different in every elder and everyone has their own talents and abilities to bring to the meetings. Things change so quickly that you do not have too much time to get to know people or what they have to offer unless they are your companion.

It is really starting to get cold here now and it is supposed to snow this week. It is fun and sacred to be on a mission during Christmas. I have two dinners set up for Christmas, so I will probably end up in a food comma like during Thanksgiving.

Funny story of the week: We have these big ole radiators to heat our house. There is one in our bathroom to help keep the bathroom warm while we shower. Well, I was getting ready to shower and I burned my bare butt on the radiator! HaHa! Good stuff!

Sunday, we watched the Christmas devotional. It was super great and really brought me back to the real meaning of Christmas. What exactly is the spirit of Christmas? Let me know what you think? I have thoughts but I would like to hear others thoughts, too!

Peace and Blessings.

Love Elder Phillips


  1. What a great week! How awesome to have his first real baptism- even though it was a stressful day- he has a good story from it now! I'm so proud of him! He sounds great!!