December 13, 2010

The lights at Quincy Square!

WOW! What a great week! We had so much to do. I am very content even though our numbers are really low last week. Being a missionary is really fun. We are really trying to promote Christmas by giving out gifts of Books of Mormon to all the people we see. We are really making a push to give out Books of Mormon and to get them out in circulation. We are trying to do things that really get people in the holiday spirit. I cannot believe we are already in the middle of December. I really enjoy being a missionary during this time of the year. The spirit of the calling and service and being a personal representative of Jesus Christ is really good and I love it.

It is really getting cold and I don't want to get sick again this season. I am trying to bundle up really good and do all the things necessary to not get sick. Last Monday was really fun. We went and saw some of the decorations in the city in a place called Quincy Square. It was really cool! Today, we are going to the Museum of Science and next week we are planning to go see the big tree at Prudential. Christmas is a big deal here, there are tons of decorations and festivals all in the downtown area. It was really fun to see how cool it is and how even the hard hearted Bostonians kinda open up there hearts to us.

Last Tuesday, we got the amazing opportunity to go to the temple as a zone and have a little party for Christmas. It was really great to get into the temple again and just really thing about Jesus Christ. We also got the opportunity to get our presents from home. I have too many all ready! Thanks, by the way! We got the opportunity to testify of our testimony. One thing really struck me hard the other day and that was: What if Jesus Christ somehow missed me when he suffered all the pains of the world. I know that it is not possible but just saying...would he come back and suffer for me again? I know with all my heart that if he did forget, he would do it all over again for me because that is how much I love him and how much I know he loves me.

A lot of people bailed on us this week, which is not fun. But, we got the opportunity to walk around in freezing Boston weather trying to get into less active members houses. We walked around for three hours in weather that was in the 20's. It was colder than that with the wind. The wind is not fun folks...it is like you are naked in the weather because it just goes right through what you are wearing! But it is still fun. I have been living off hot chocolate when we get back at night to try to warm me up!

Thursday was sweet because we got to teach a ton. We were just running from appointment to appointment and just taught like crazy. I think we got rewarded for being out in the cold the night before!

Friday and Saturday we did service. We did manual labor and it was gnarly. I hung dry wall on the ceiling and moved huge radiators. It was good but I was pretty tired for Sunday. Sunday, we had the Primary Christmas program and that was great! It is still my favorite Sunday. There were only 10 kids in the program, which is way different than home. We also confirmed Steven last week which was supper, super good!

Well, love you all. Peace and blessings. I hope you like the pictures as much as I did.
Love, Elder Phillips

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  1. oh aaronsibear! weather colder than logan town? This post really put my heart in the right place for the Christmas Season. What an example.