December 20, 2010

At the top of the tallest building in Boston!
Doing Service!
At the Science Museum!

The work is going great! We are still really focusing on giving out Books of Mormons. Sometimes we give out so many and sometimes you just don't. It is weird. We are still super busy doing tons of service. Sometimes we don't stop all day. It is awesome. I love it. I really love the city. Iam getting along really well with it, so that is even better. I love it during the winter...still no snow, but it is supposed to snow this week. That will be good. I would like a white Christmas because that is all I've ever known.

Last Monday, we got the opportunity to go to the science museum for a couple of hours. I sure loved it. It was really cool! We got in free because we were missionaries. Then we just had a normal Monday. Christmas on the mission is so different. It doesn't really feel any different than any other time of the year, except I get to open presents every day! I love the 12 Days of Christmas that you sent! Thanks!

Tuesday, was super cool because I went on exchanges with Elder Loper. He is this tall skinny kid and boy can he eat! He is super cool. He was born into a Mexican family, so he can eat a ton of spicey food. He speaks English, Spanish and Creol and is learning French. He is a stud and a really good listener. He got lots of stuff out of me that I don't usually talk about much. We had 2 dinners...one was this really good Haitian spaghetti and the other was deep fried hotdogs! Not so good! The people don't have much money, but they still want to take care of us. I am learning to eat anything.

Funny story: I was lifting weights with no one spotting me in the night. I was benching and lost my balance. One side of the weight fell and then the other and then I fell! Ha Ha! No injuries, just really funny. It was sad that no one recorded it!

Thursday, we got up early to go unload a truck of food for our service. We taught all these lessons and then went to the hospital and gave a blessing to someone I knew in Chelsea. It was good to see her and talk a little. Her little girl had surgery for 6 hours! Then, we taught this great lesson, but it didn't start out so well. We get to this members house where they have invited a nonmember friend over for a lesson. We start out teaching, but the lesson isn't going very well. We can't feel the spirit at all. Then all of a sudden the member we were with just said, "Can we start with a prayer?" Well, of course, we always start with a prayer, but we forgot this one time. After the prayer everything changed and it was great! Afterwards, I thought, I am a missionary and gosh, I just got out played by a member missionary! Ha Ha!

Saturday we did service all day! We painted this guys house, this is after we fixed the whole house up trying to get it ready for him to move in. Then he took us out to eat at the top of the hub which is the tallest place in the city. So cool and good food!

Sunday, we had a special Christmas program at church. It was very spiritual. We sang and stuff....really good!

I love you guys a ton! Have a good Christmas. Peace and blessings and thanks for the prayers and support! Elder Phillips

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