January 13, 2011

Elder Still's Birthday!
Eating at the Indian Restaurant!
Dart gun wars!

Oh man! I am so tired this week! Last night we go snowed in again and we had to pass the whole day in the house, not too exciting. In the night, someone came and got us and we went to shovel snow all night! So you can imagine, my fat out of shape butt is dang tired! HaHa! It was fun doing something a little different.

I am getting transferred! No one can believe it, people thought I was going to train and be district leader, but nope, I am leaving. We don't know where I am going until Friday. Usually we can predict where people are going...but there have been so many changes that we can't guess. We all thought that Elder Still would be going because he has been here 7 months and I have been here only 3 months. But this is what the Lord wants, which is hard because we have some killer good investigators and people that will be baptized in the coming transfer. Whatever...life is great and we will keep moving and going forward! I was looking forward to a change....just not to packing again!

Sorry that I forgot to press send last week with my email! I will always write to my bloggers!

Last week was a fun week! It was Elder Still's birthday and we had a party for Family Home Evening. We went out to an Indian restaurant. The Indian people scared me into getting a "medium spicy" thing and it was not even bad...almost bland. How I have changed! Indian food is really good!

I just want everyone to know that I have the same mother as Nephi! She was "trippin out", too! She was such a "tammy"! I love it! She was always getting mad at the prophet and she was just so worried about her kids. ( 1 Nephi 5: 1-9)

Last week, we found this amazing investigator. He will be baptized. We taught him twice and he cried from the spirit it was so strong. It was amazing. Seriously, I am sad to be leaving him.

We have this member who loves to do missionary work. Imagine! I have developed a really good relationship with him and he is always so willing to help. He gives out Book of Mormons to his friends! Imagine! Members actually helping with the missionary work! That is the purpose of the church, really. If you love God, share it with others!

Saturday, we had a hard day of moving someone in the snow! It was the guy that we have been helping with his house for forever! We have done so much service for him, but it has been fun to do it.

Last Sunday, I proved again that I am my father's son! I got us a free meal at some random person's house just because I did a "dad" and gave this lady so many compliments. She was like "do you want to eat?" and I was like "sure!" I will always be in debt to my dad for that!

I love you all so much! Peach and Blessings!

Elder Phillips

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