January 25, 2011

Do you think we have enough snow?

Well, it has been super crazy this week! I am having fun in Worcester. I am still in a city, just not quite like Boston. It has been super fun to be here and to do what God wants me to do.

Just to let everyone know....it has been like nuts cold here! At night it is way below zero and with the windchill, it is like death! The wind is what gets you. I am really thankful to have a car again! We are expecting another storm, which I love because it warms up to the twenties! I never thought I would say that I was grateful for a storm! We are just working hard and trying to be as efficient as possible.

The last 2 p-days we have just stayed indoors and played darts and card games. We also get a red dot (which means we shouldn't go out) or they tell us we can't drive because the weather is so bad. I am getting sick of staying inside!

Last Monday we met a guy that had a skin eating disease and almost died! I thought they only had that in Africa and stuff. He is fine now.

Tuesday, we got a red dot! I literally got sooooo sick of being inside all day. I was like we are going out and walk to the library! I just wanted to get outside! My companion was shocked! I think we did more than any other elder has ever done on a snow day!

Wednesday was a good day. We were super busy. It is just weird to have a car...you can do a lot more! We ate with this guy from Germany. He was crazy and has done all this stuff. We think he was in the CIA or something. No one knows anything about his past and he has no pictures. He is cool and huge and used to be a body builder. He is old now and just converted to the gospel. Then there is this other guy in the ward that is a professional cage fighter! He is cool and he is huge. He was just converted. I just really like the people out here. The ward is super good, but no one is big into missionary work. We are really trying to incorporate good things which is good for us too.

Thursday, we went to a blood drive at a public college and we got some good contacts. Most of the people were just like the majority of 20 year olds...super selfish and only worried about number one. It is hard to think about what I would be doing if I hadn't gone on a mission. My path is really different because of my choices. Then we got a new investigator from Liberia. He was apparently a diplomat there and knows a bunch of languages. He is super interested and just awesome. We also did service at the Bishop's Store House that day. I have done a lot of service with different organizations and it was super cool to see how good the church is at organizing and distributing service.

Friday we thought we were going to get a red dot so we went to grab some things we needed. Then we went over to the other elder's apartment. We didn't get a red dot...but we were totally prepared and then nothing happened. Funny!

Saturday, we taught 3 different people from Africa. How cool is that? We bump into them all the time and they all love Jesus too! It is really cool!

We had a normal Sunday...but we tracked into this guy from Laos. It was supper crazy. He had a Book of Mormon that was like a foot by a foot. We were reading and trying to find Mononi's promise and it was already circled! Super Cool! I also learned a good lesson from a member. He talked about how important families are...like nothing else really matters except family.

Yesterday was p-day again. We stayed indoors all day again because the high was only 9 degrees without the wind chill. Apparently, yesterday morning it was -30 with the windchill. We were chilling with a recent convert and the zone leaders. We played cards and talked and stuff. It was fun, but I can't wait till I can do stuff outside again!

Peace and Blessings! Love, Elder Phillips

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  1. I can't believe how much snow and how COLD it looks! FREEZING!