January 3, 2011

Working on a puzzle of Fenway Park!
Doing service at the house we have helped so much with.
Sanding the floor! I have learned some cool stuff!
Snowed in....Doing some home repairs and cleaning at our apartment!
Snowed in....playing the best board game ever...Scotland Yard!
Look at the snow! You can't see the cars! It rained today...we don't have any snow left!

HHHHeeeelllloooo! y feliz ano nuevo. How is everything? All is well here! I just want everyone to know that New Year's Eve was really lame. No parties, just basically another day. We worked and saw some members. The buses didn't work because of the so called holiday!

We have transfers next week, so don't expect an email on Monday...but Wednesday.

Thursday, was a really weird day. All the people were crazy and high that talked to us. I had a lady yell at me because I wouldn't teach her because she was alone. Then there was a guy in a car laughing at her and then he told us to come over and he took a Book of Mormon. It looked like this guy lived out of his truck.

Friday was just awesome...NOT! New Year's Eve here is just an excuse for everyone to get drunk and go crazy...it was super lame. We went to a member's house and they fed us and we did service during the day. We cleaned and prepared that guys floor to put the varnish stuff on it. It was really fun. Then we went to some members houses and one of them is super inactive and he totally opened up to us and everything. It was super great! I am not going to say why he is inactive but I have seen people that have so much happiness when they have the gospel in their life and then they go inactive for the stupidest reasons and go from sooo happy to not happy at all. It is really sad to see especially when you have learned to love the people here like I do.

Saturday, we finished this guys house (stairs and everything) and it looks good.

Sunday was really good. We are really pushing to get more Spanish people in the ward and to get the branch started. They had a Spanish Branch a few years ago, but it disappeared and so many people left the church. I don't know why the church didn't notice that 300 people went inactive and why they didn't do something right away! Anyway, that is what we are working on. We are trying to bring the inactive members back.

We had a great week! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Peace and Blessings! Love Elder Phillips

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