March 15, 2011

Our special help at the Bishops Storehouse.

Well, what a great week! I received the most presents I have ever had in my mission, by far!

Still fighting to get those baptisms. There are lots of people ready...4-5 that are ready and just waiting for something like an interview or something. We are just trying to help the people as best we can, so that is good. We are continuing to get better at missionary work and I am really happy because me and my companion are becoming better friends. I have really struggled with that this transfer. I am changing so that I can learn from him or learn because of him because I know that I am not perfect either.

All is going well and the work is good. We are busy and teaching a lot. I don't get it because the English elders that work in north Worcester don't teach at all and spend all their time tracting. I feel kinda bad for the other elders, because we don't usually have to tract at all.

Yesterday for p-day, I went to the restaurant depot with my friend Rob from the Boylston Deli. It was really fun. I enjoyed it. Rob always likes me do help him with stuff. His wife, Sister Ciunci...I call her mom, I love her and she always makes us really good food. It is awesome. It was good to focus on service on p-day. When I think we have been slacking off during the week, I can say that we did lots of service on p-day, so I am good!

This was a really good weekend. It was fun to talk to Sister Umina about how she talked to Mom and Dad. That made me happy that she talked to you guys! I have a question about love. Did you feel that your love changed or that you could comprehend God's love for us better when you had kids? The unconditional love you have for your child is the closet thing that we can compare to how Father in Heaven feels towards us.

I really had some good experiences this week. We ran into someone that we gave a Book of Mormon to about a month ago. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and the things that we can do to get closer to God. We hadn't even taught her, but she already had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church. That is why the church is different. We have another testament of Christ and I know it is true! I feel that I am in Worcester for a reason and others do to. They tell me that my testimony and how I deliver the gospel is how they need to hear it. In Alma 24 it tells us that the Lord has many different ways to bring to pass salvation. It is all his plan...so good!

Peace and Blessings. Elder Phillips

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