March 2, 2011

Sacrament Meeting at a member's home.

What in the world? Another week!

It was a really cool night yesterday. This lady had us over for dinner and cooked us pupusas! They are my favorite things in the entire world. For real...they are delicious. I fasted all day to prepare because I love pupusas so much! I had eight! ha ha! Everyone makes fun of me because I want to loose weight! The diet is not going so good! Hopefully we can get some bikes as soon as it warms up! I would really love it and it would be so fun. Anyway, we went to this lady's house and she just treats us like kings. She has the best testimony ever and is so poor and works so hard. She said, "I am just grateful that I can serve the Lord's servants." People here think we are so close to Jesus Christ and I guess we are. I should think more like that and think about what I was called to do!

My good buddy, Elder Carrillo is in my zone now and the new zone leader. He was my best friend in Chelsea when I was there. Anyways, we will get lots of time together now. I am really excited. He was telling me about the progress in Chelsea and how things are going with the people that I taught while I was there. There was this mom that we worked with and she wanted nothing to do with the church. Her kids were members and got her to sit in a few times on lessons when we were reactivating the kids. She is getting baptized! It is fun to see the work continue even though I am not there.

Last Friday, it was super icy and rainy and the roads were way bad. It was crazy, but we drove anyway. I guess the District Leader tried to call and tell us not to go out, but apparently we were already out and working. Don't worry, the Lord rewarded us and we had one of the most successful teaching weeks on my mission. Pretty cool!

Sunday, we had a freak snow storm. Church was cancelled and we got invited to go and do a sacrament meeting at someone's house. It was really cool because they had invited an investigator to the meeting. She is really close to baptism and it was so cool. The ward members actually do missionary work. It is really great to involve the ward and ward members in missionary work. There is a reason we have this plan in place. It is because it works!

Peace and Blessings!

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