March 30, 2011

How do you pronounce Worcester???
Elder Horton and I

I love you guys so much and hope that everything is going well and that you guys are just truly enjoying being alive on God's fine earth that he has created.

Thanks to the spirit and my fine doctor, I have tried to do a few new things this past week that totally worked and have me very happy and excited. First, he challenged me to not to be super stressed about occupying all time of the day doing missionary work and just go with the flow. I think this challenge has me thinking more about the the love of the people and the reason that I I am truly here on a mission is to help people come to Christ through the restored gospel of our church. The second thing is to just try and fake like I like my companion and just talk and give him more compliments. This has changed my head in a little different way, because I think us not getting along was in my head. I feel like my prayers have been answered and we had the most successful week numbers wise on my mission and in other aspects as well. It was truly amazing. Everyone is wondering what we are doing in Worcester because it has never done this well before. I just say that if you do everything the book says then it will work. Preach my Gospel is inspired and brings success. The things that the Mission President says are inspired and so are the authorities that advise us. It has transformed the work in Worcester. It has been like this my whole mission. I have been part of a change in an area twice now and it is a true gift from God.

There are a few good stories this week. We got a referral from a friend. He was there when we taught the investigator and he wants to be baptized. All the success that comes in missionary work is through the members and their referrals. It is so cool. Our friend trusts me and wants advice on everything in life. The gospel of Jesus Christ answers all questions. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon makes us happy when we live what it says. That is missionary work...help friends and people that you love find out the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

The other sweet experience that I had this week was with a little girl named Rosie that lives with a member who gives us the opportunity to come in and help her. She has been coming to church and loves the Book of Mormon. We take a member with us to teach her and he is such a fantastic teacher. I have learned so much from him. He is awesome and we have created a bond with her. We found out she lost her father and right away she has a father figure. This girl has found comfort in the Book of Mormon as she studies it with the member that she lives with. Now her mother is interested, too. So cool. By the way she is only eleven. She brings the sweetest little spirit to the lessons that I have taught her. I have felt some of the strongest impression from the spirit that God loves her.

Good week! Love you all! Peace and Blessings.
Love, Elder Phillips

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