March 22, 2011

Random statue in Worchester!
Painting Service Project

It was a good week. We did lots and lots and lots of service and I had a cool St. Patrick's Day. It was really fun. We got to over to someone's house that is from England and she cooked us corn beef and cabbage. It was really good. I stuck mostly to the cabbage because the way she cooked it reminded me of mom's cabbage rolls. So I stayed healthy and ate lots of cabbage. It was delicious. Then on Sunday, someone gave us a ton of corn beef and cabbage to take home with us. Sooooo, once again we learn that on the holidays most people drink....mormons eat! ha ha!! We still worked, but the in the city they shut missionary work down because it is sooo bad. The bars are open in the morning and there are lots of crazy drunkards! But, it was safe to work in Worcester.

Last Friday, we painted a house. It was really fun. We went with the other elders in Worcester. It was our service project, but we feel bad for the other elders because all they do is tract! So, we had them come with us and it was fun. I painted the trim while the other elders painted the room. We are going to help her again in two weeks. I spilled paint and made a little mess. She got after me and told me that I better clean it up! She likes to tease me! It was fun to be treated like that...it was like having a mom! ha ha! I have not had one that gets after me for some time! ha ha! maybe never!! ha ha! Yeah, life was good then!

It was a normal week teaching and finding lots of new baptismal dates through the members. I am telling you that it is how you do missionary work...through the members! I was in Bishop's Ward Council meeting and the Bishop kept thanking us for helping all the less active members! He said that what we are doing is really helping their ward grow! It was great!

Just want everyone to know that it snowed yesterday and we are expecting another storm tomorrow. I am getting sick of it! Anyways all is good in the Worcester hood! Life is good here. Just trying to help people get salvation and the only way is to get baptized. So, still looking for investigators to set a date...lots of people ready, but they all need to come to church! Come on! They know it is true, just come!!!

Peace and blessings.
Elder Phillips

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