April 5, 2011

Well, hello! It was General Conference this past week. General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries! I listened to all 5 sessions of conference in spanish alone, because I was the only one in the ward that wanted to listen. I kept the door open so my companion could see me and I just watched. It was fantastical! I loved it so much. My favorite talk was by the fantastic Richard G. Scott. Whenever he talks it is the best because he translates his own talk into spanish which makes the spanish better and it is great to actually hear his voice. I think it is cool that he has maintained his spanish so well...he is my favorite now! I liked how he talked about how his kid came up to him and said, "You are my best friend, dad!" I started to cry because that is how I feel about my dad. He is my best friend and I never told that to him very often but I will now. My dad is my best friend and he is the coolest guy in the whole world. My mom is my best girlfriend in the whole world. They were always my friends first, parents second. I love them!

I couldn't believe all the talks on getting married! They pretty much said to stop messing around after the mission and get married! My plan was to mess around for like 10 years after the mission. I wanted to be Matthew McConahey in "Failure to Launch!" Well, I guess we'll see what happens!

I also enjoyed the doctrinal knowledge from Elder Bednar about the spirit. That was cool. He always makes simple topics very deep.

Anyway, no changes for at least another 6 more weeks. Not even a change in the district. So, yah, God is telling me he wants me to work on being nice because I am not so nice to some of the people in my district and my companion at times. I get really bothered by them at times and very short, rude and sarcastic. So, I need to repent and turn to the Lord and look at them the way the Lord looks at them. It will be my goal. I am pretty happy because me and my companion are actually getting along the best we ever have. We are learning tons from each other and I have come to like him, which is a miracle in itself. I must find a way to be Christlike even though it is very difficult for me.

God thought it would be funny to send a little April fool's joke...it snowed on April Fools Day! Very funny, but I bet He is laughing. I really think that God has a sense of humor because after the winter we had he still sent this little joke!

We had tours this week and I went with the district leader to his area. It was fun and we got to go tracting for 2-3 hours. It was not too bad, but it would get old fast! Then as a reward I got to go eat at the Boylston Deli with my friend Rob. He recently started up work and we don't get to hand out on p-days anymore. So sad! He calls me and talks spanish with me. He is trying to convert all his landscaping crew which are from Guatamala!

We are going to a museum today! Peace and blessing to all!

Love, Elder Phillips

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