April 13, 2011

Doing Service
Blessing the Sick

Hello, my friends!

This has been kinda a rough week. I have been with this companion for a while longer and I just don't like him...straight up! I have been doing good and just ignoring all the things that bother me...but I'm just having a rough couple of days. All is fine and I will get through it.

I love being on my mission. This week was really cool. First of all Sunday was so cool. We found out that one of our favorite members got sick and fainted. She had like heart murmurs or something. It was rough. We went to to the hospital to see her and I gave her a blessing. It was so special. She told me after that we were the answer to her prayers. She had been praying for someone to come and give her a blessing and then we appeared. That is the cool part of being a missionary...being an answer to a prayer or being the tool that God uses to bless peoples' lives. It is just awesome and a really cool experience.

It seems like we weren't missionaries last week because we did so much service. We helped someone move, we worked at the Bishop's storehouse, we went and unloaded trucks, we helped someone cut logs and trees, honestly it felt like we had a job! I have not really had a p-day in a while because I am usually helping someone. It was a weird and funky week.

We have about 20 investigators we are working with. My favorite of all is a mom and a little girl, both speak Spanish. The little girl is the star. She is 11 years old and just touches my heart. She loves the Book of Mormon and reads it often with the members that she lives with. She and her mom both have baptismal dates. We taught her the plan of salvation and this girl started to cry because her father had died. Oh, my gosh! How perfect is the plan of Salvation.

Anyway, opening day against the Yankees is tomorrow! I wish I could go so bad! Go Sox! We will go see the Boston Marathon next week! Pretty cool! I miss living in the city!

I love you all! Peace and Blessings!
Elder Phillips

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